Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A+ For Math

By A+ I don't actually mean that's my daughter's grade, but rather it is the program we are using for math again this year.  A+ Tutorsoft is math program you can purchase to use online or on a CD. It has instructional videos, interactive quizzes, as well as both online and printable worksheets and exams. It has everything we need for one year of math.

Gess really struggles with math so we are using the 3rd grade curriculum. Gess has been unable to memorize her math facts so I still allow her to use helps (including counting on her fingers) to help her solve problems, but she is able to add and subtract large numbers that way. We will begin focusing on multiplication and division this year.

I prefer A+ over other online programs because the lessons are presented in a way that Gess seems to both enjoy and understand. When it's time to do the interactive quiz I often have her solve the problem on the board instead of a worksheet. She enjoys that. Here she is comparing three numbers and putting them in order from greatest to least.

Once she finds the answer she sits back down at her desk to enter the solution.

I know this seems like a lot of up and down, but for her that seems to help. Math frustrates her so I think it helps for her to be able to "walk away" from the worksheet while she tries to find a solution. Whatever the case, it works for us.

While my laptop works well for the lesson and interactive quiz, the font for the online worksheets is pretty small. When I increase the font she can't see the whole thing on the page. For us that isn't a problem because we have a big screen television hooked up in our living room. (It's how we watch streaming television and avoid the cost of cable!) Anyway, here she is doing an online worksheet.

I use the online worksheets for lengthy word problems because it is easier to for her to read them online than on a printed page. There is less ink and paper waste that way too. I will use the printable worksheets when she has actual problems to solve. For now she has just been reviewing basic number sense like comparing numbers, writing numbers in various forms, and things like that. Next week we start on addition!

I am also using Life of Fred to supplement our math. We do A+ in the morning and she has one assignment to complete after school. Then we do Life of Fred together in the afternoon. I will share more about that later.

Gess is doing an excellent job reading so this year I am going to trying to make some major headway in math!

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