Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Fun

We had our first official Co-Op on Friday. It went really well. Gess was included in everything and seemed to like her new friends. Our class was a lesson on where our money comes from, how it is minted, how it is protected and things like that. It was quite interesting. Then they painted self portraits during art.

I had a miserable day Saturday but was glad to get out of the house for awhile. Since I was not feeling 100% I decided to sit and watch while Gess and daddy played tennis. They played at the racquetball court so they wouldn't have to chase as many balls. Gess is getting so much better. She still is not up for any challenges, matches, or serious play, but then again neither are we!

Sunday I was feeling better and went to church. We get there early to help prepare some things and so I can drive the bus. When I went to fetch Gess I caught her playing Sunday School teacher. She was teaching her imaginary class about the Behemoth found mentioned in Job 40:15 which was probably a dinosaur! She had every Bible in the room open to the same chapter. It was too cute.

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