Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Library Programs

We have to have one of the best libraries in the country! They are always doing tons of activities for kids. While many of the activities are book related, not all of them are. There are several activities that simply encourage the children to be creative, meet new friends, and try new things. Gess has participated in a couple of these this month.

The first one is called Play With Your Food. Instead of just making a snack, they literally make something out of their food before they eat it. These have always been fun, and Gess has found some interesting treats to make. This month she made a scarecrow, spiders, and a marshmallow animal.

They also started a Lego Club. This was the first time for this event. Each time they will have a different idea to build on. This time was just anything they wanted to put on display. Gess built a T-Rex but only managed to build a small one so she named it baby T-rex.

Gess loves sorting her Legos but has trouble building anything other than a house. We tried a T-Rex once using a pattern and that is why she tried making it this time, but without the instructions she didn't know how to finish it. I am hoping this group will help give her new ideas on how and what to build. I also want her to learn to just try new things.

I am thankful our library has these great activities. I bet your library has some great ideas too. If you don't know what they have to offer, go check them out. You just might be surprised!

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busymommy3 said...

Love it!! Becky has a hard time creating with Legos, you're making me rethink urging her to play with them some more...


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