Monday, July 21, 2014

First Hiking Trip

Gess has been studying outdoor activities for a product I will be sharing soon. One of the activities she focused on was hiking. She really got into reading about it and studying it. Her enthusiasm for hiking and camping had her packing backpacks several times a week.  One day I went to brush my teeth and couldn't find my tooth brush or the tooth paste. That is because they were in her room with all her other camping and hiking gear!

She just couldn't stop talking about hiking. She was constantly telling me about poison ivy, how to avoid ticks, and what I needed in my first aid kit. We started by making sure we had all the appropriate hiking gear. We put our First Aid kit in a zip-lock bag so we could fit easily in a fanny pack or backpack.

Then we headed out to the lake. They have a 1 mile nature trail there with signs to help you learn about the animals, plants, and trees that grow in the area. We were sure to read each and every one. The trail itself was listed as moderate since the terrain was a tad rough in spots and it did have you climbing uphill. It really had the feel of a hiking trail and Gess thoroughly enjoyed it. I know we will be doing more hiking in the future!

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