Monday, July 7, 2014

Enjoying the Fireworks

I never seem to post anything about our Independence Day celebrations until they are done and everyone has moved on. This week was especially hard because we had sports camp up until July 3rd.

As most of you know, Gess has issues with loud noises so the 4th of July is always a stressful time for her. She loves the fireworks but not the noise. Generally we hang home and simply shoot off a small display of our own. We sought out lots of fountains that were mostly quiet and she enjoyed it. As with everything though I do try to get Gess to go beyond what is comfortable to help her overcome her fears. This was her best year yet. She helped her dad light off a few safe displays and even watched loud festival balls without covering her ears!

Of course she started by covering her ears and she loved posing for the camera. She was not actually scared here but was making a face for me. As far as acting goes, she is good!

Here is how calm she really was.

Here is daddy helping her light off a crackling ball.

Here is some sparkler fun.

My film ran out after that. I hope you enjoyed a safe and happy 4th of July too.

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Renee K. said...

Looks like how our 4th went. The hardest part is night time when trying to sleep and they get louder. It makes my daughter cry and sometime scream. We had a lot of late nights last week and I expect a few this week.


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