Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge World Down Syndrome Day Kickoff Celbration

March 21st (3/21) is World Down Syndrome Day.  This day was chosen because the most common form of Down syndrome is Trisomy 21 which means that the person's 21st chromosome has 3 (tri) rather than the usual pair.  That anomaly is what causes all of the traits and medical issues that are common in persons with DS.  So they chose the 21st day of the 3rd month which makes 3/21 to help bring awareness to Down syndrome.

To welcome in World Down Syndrome Day the International Down Syndrome Coalition hosted meet greets at several Great Wolf Lodges around the country.  We were super blessed that we were able to participate to this year.  Gess had the time of her life and was thrilled to go.  Besides the indoor water park, which is the big draw to the Great Wolf Lodge, they have other activities for the youngsters.

Gess enjoyed the morning Wolf Walk where they learned about three types of animals.  A wolf, of course, was first. They learned that wolves are carnivores.

Reindeer which are herbivores.

And bears which are omnivores.  Here is Gess doing her best bear crawl.

Of course they also had to teach them the Great Wolf Lodge official wolf howl. There is stomping, clapping, and howling all in one so this is a great hit.  I literally heard Gess teaching this to her Sunday School class the very next day!

Then they taught them how to make an origami wolf.  Gess did great with hers!

Later that afternoon they happened to have a mad scientist come in.  They taught about polymers and Gess got to make her own silly putty.

As you can see the Great Wolf Lodge is much more than a water park.  It was fantastic!  Thanks to the IDSC from hosting this great event!

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