Wednesday, March 12, 2014

321 Down Syndrome eConference Coming Up

I just want to remind everyone that the 321 eConference is just a little over a week away!  I will be presenting the session Homeschooling Helps on Friday March 21 at 3:00pm EST.  My desire is that the session will include quite a bit of participation and very little lecturing.  While I will share some ideas, struggles and tips I mostly want us all to feel free to share our experiences, ask questions and network for support.  I know so many families who homeschool and so many families who have a child with Down syndrome, but not enough families that do both!

So considering joining us, not only for my session, but for the many other great topics related to Down syndrome!  I know I plan on attending quite a few!

3 days (March 21, 22 and 23)
21 hours of learning
21 sessions a day
Only $21 per day. 

To learn more about the 321 eConference or to register visit their website by clicking on the image below.

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