Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Would You Have Me Do?

As I sit here today I find myself pulled in so many different directions.  I have a desire to be used by God in a way that matters and a huge burden for the lost and hurting.  I have many responsibilities and mission opportunities through our church so I am very active in the "work of the Lord."  In spite of all the work I do, I often feel as if I don't really do anything that makes a difference.  In my devotions this week I was reminded that my focus should be on Christ and his redemption, not on the effects of it.  It was a wonderful reminder to me and as I spent time in prayer yesterday this was the verse that came to my mind.

This is what I must set out to do.  This is that thing that matters.  Whether it is in my church service, my home, my neighbor's house or at the store I must act justly, show mercy and be humble.  It certainly sounds simple enough but it goes against our very nature so it is a goal that takes constant effort, prayer and diligence.

As fallen humans we tend to seek justice when we are the offended party and desire mercy when we are the offender.  We need to seek it in all things and in all ways.  It goes against our fleshly nature to desire these things and a humble spirit to let the Lord lead and guide us. 

As I set forth through this week it is my prayer that I may do just that. That I not think about what I can do for God but just live my life in a manner that reveals His character, not my own.  God how can you use me?  What is the better thing that I should do for you?  The answer will come when I do these things.  As I walk humbly with my God I think I will find myself doing so in the path of His service.  The cool part is, I may not even realize it when I do.


Barry, Kathy, Zachary,Joshua, Brian and Nick said...

I read your post today, as I have almost every day since I decided to homeschool my 12 year old son(with Down syndrome) in September 2013. My son was doing great in an inclusive environment for a few years but staff changed, and things started to spiral downhill over a year. I have always worked hard with my son at home and followed your blog occasionally for ideas to help him learn over summer and other breaks. I knew that you were successful with your daughter and because of that I had faith that I too could homeschool my son. At first it was difficult, but over time and trying a few of your curriculum idea-(such as Logic of English-which I love) he is doing well again. Your blog has been a blessing to me. Sometimes we are not able to see how our actions help others-so I wanted to let you know you have made a difference in my life. You gave me the strength I needed and I appreciate you. Thank you for your blog!

Lori said...

Oh, my! Thank you so much! You brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing that with me, today of all days. What a blessing!!

Merri Dennis said...

What a beautiful inspiration you are in serving your daughter and serving those at your church. I love this verse from Micah - justice, mercy, and humility. If we can show this to those around us, then we will make a difference.
I'm stopping by from the 100 Days Challenge and thank you for blessing me today.


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