Monday, February 3, 2014

Making Markers

Gess got a Crayola Marker Maker for Christmas.  It was something she kept asking for.  She must have seen an add for them on the computer because I wasn't even aware that such a thing existed.  We were excited to find that they did and got them in time for Christmas.

Gess really did love making her own markers.  It was sort of difficult but with careful instruction she got it down.  Daddy helped her with her color combinations and together they chose what colors to make her markers.  Here she is putting in some of the color.

Then you had to insert the inside of the marker so it would absorb the color.

It was fun watching it do that.

Then you had to place that inside the marker case.

The hard part was snapping it into place.  You used the yellow lever and had to press really hard.

After labeling the marker you were done.  The label was important because the inside didn't always look like the color. Orange, for instance, would look red.

They also give you a case to put the markers in.  You can decorate it and personalize it.

Then it is time to use them and have fun. 

The kit came with enough to make 2 boxes of markers.  We are saving the other one to make after these markers wear out.  I thought I might get some refill kits and have Gess make some kits for Christmas next year.  Her nieces and cousins would love a set  I bet!

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