Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Craft: Glowing Advent Candles

I was on Pinterest trying to find some new Christmas crafts to do when I came across this one for Glowing Paper Advent Candles.  That looked so perfect for Gess!  These are really easy and we plan on using these at home.  We only started using an advent calendar a couple of years ago and we have never used the candles.  Since we do not have an advent wreath for our home we will use these.  I made up cards with the verses that we will read as we light one each week.  It will be fun and Gess will be thrilled she had a part in creating it.

All you need is:
1 toilet paper roll for each candle
yellow construction paper for the flame
1 package of flame-less tea light candles

While traditional advent candles are purple, pink and white we didn't worry about the color.  Instead we cut out a shape to represent each candle so I let Gess paint the candles any color she chose.

Next you cut out something to make the flame and glue it to the top on the inside.

Then you cut out a shape in each one.  I actually did this part.  Here are what shapes and verses we use for each candle.

1. Candle of Hope - Cross: Romans 15:12-13
2.  Candle of Preparation - Flame: Luke 3:4-6 (some use peace instead of preparation)
3. Candle of Joy - Star: Luke 2:7-25
4. Candle of Love - Heart: John 3:16-17
5. Christ Candle - Crown: John 1:29 & John 3:1-8

Here they are lighting up the dark.

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