Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Special Holiday Party

This year we had the pleasure of attending a special event for persons with Down syndrome and their families.  They first treated us to an incredible breakfast.  Next came the fun.  They had 3 Santas so that the lines remained small.  We never really did the Santa thing, but Gess still likes to see him.

They also had lots of fun games and crafts.  Here she is making a Christmas tree ornament for our tree.  I think we left there with 4 new hand made ornaments of various styles!

She also made a Santa beard for herself.

I think the antlers from her hand prints were her favorite.  She wore them all day.

As we were leaving she specifically asked for a picture with the nutcracker.

We had such a lovely time!  There were over 800 people in attendance!  Since we live in a small town it was refreshing to see so many other families and children with Down syndrome.  Gess has her few friends, but you know, there really are not any girls that are active in our group!  She was hugged by some at the party.  It was nice . We hope to go again next year.

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Beth said...

That sounds like so much fun. It looks like Gess had fun. I don't know that my daughter has had much interaction with other Down Syndrome children. There was one girl in Singapore on the compound and Miss K loved spending time with her but she was about 17.


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