Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Incredible Gymnast

I have mentioned Gess' famous gymnastics coach before.  Well Casey has been in the spotlight again.  He was a first timer on the American Ninja Warrior show and made it to stage 3!  He also had the fastest time in stage 2.  He is really incredible!  He is also amazing with the kids.  Gess absolutely loves going to Casey's gym.  He is completely involved with each student and does an amazing job teaching them.  His patience is remarkable and he has certainly helped Gess through some great struggles and fears.  She looks forward to each and every class and now has a dream of being an American Ninja Warrior when she grows up too.

Here is a glimpse of the gym Gess gets to go to but more importantly you will see Casey's son who has apparently inherited that jumping gene that Casey has.  Look for Max in future Olympic and sporting events.  This kid has talent!

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