Monday, September 2, 2013

Evolution Vs. God

During the Schoolhouse Expo I was able to participate in one of the sessions by Ray Comfort.  It turned out that he was talking about his latest video Evolution Vs. God.  While we watched the video during the session I had actually seen it a couple of times myself and plan on sharing it with our youth class this fall.  It is an excellent video and a handy resource to help demonstrate how evolution is a belief based upon faith, not scientific fact.  I personally loved how he ended by sharing the gospel with everyone he interviews.  That is exactly what apologetics should be about, leading others to Christ.  It is good to have an answer for the skeptics, the critics and those who are truly seeking answers but we are definitely not called to participate in foolish arguing.  The answers must, at some point lead those people to look at the claims of the gospel.  It is not our job to make them accept our point of view, it is our job to introduce them to the Lord Jesus Christ and let them decide whether or not they accept Him.  The Holy Spirit alone will convict them. 

Evolution Vs. God can be seen FREE online!  You can also purchase DVD copies at a very low price.  In fact they are encouraging people to pass them out at universities, high schools and colleges all across the country.  If you buy them in bulk you can get them for as little as $1.00 each.   Check out this helpful video below and add it your library as a useful reminder of how there is no evidence to back up the claims of Darwinian evolution.

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