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Schoolhouse Review: Keyboarding for the Christian School

Keyboarding for the Christian School is a printable e-book that helps you teach your student or child to type.  They have two typing courses, one for grades 6 and up and one for elementary school that comes in both regular and large print.  We were given the large print elementary school edition of the Keyboarding for the Christian School for the purpose of my review.

Keyboarding for the Christian School is geared towards teaching your student traditional typing skills that will help them not only to learn how to type on the keyboard but how to do so without looking at the screen.  While computer based typing programs always have the children looking at the screen, this technique teaches children the more off screen approach to typing that will normally be used in a school or professional capacity. 

The book begins by explaining technique, posture, and key placement.  I actually didn't realize that it was best to sit with the J key opposite your belly button, so even I learned a few things from the lessons.  After the basics are covered you get started right away on typing.  Each day you focus on keys that use the same finger on each hand and you practice by typing those keys from the copy.  Eventually you start typing sentences.  I like how it incorporates Scripture by having you type verses as part of your typing drills.

Since my daughter has special needs I was more interested in just getting her to type correctly. While I know they recommend printing the pages and placing them to the side, I began the lesson by letting Gess actually look at the screen.  Teaching her to look at what she was actually typing was difficult enough, especially since she had to follow along a line of nonsensical letters.  I sometimes helped her keep her place and that helped alot.

However, once I got my new tablet I let her try the looking away technique by using it.  Of course I must mention they teach you to lay the copy on the right side, however the way Gess' desk is laid out there was  no room there.

This wasn't a very successful technique for Gess.  It really stressed her out and she would get upset when she looked up and noticed a mistake.

Eventually she just wanted to quit.  She never wanted to quit when we did the lessons on the screen, so we went back to doing that with much more success.

Since Keyboarding for the Christian School is geared toward actually teaching typing skills for use in a more typical workplace and school environment it really is not geared towards students with special needs like my daughter.  However, most typical students will probably do pretty well with it and learn it fairly easily.  If you want a program that teaches the more traditional typing skills this would be a good curriculum for you. 

The Keyboarding for the Christian School elementary school edition is $12.95 no matter which edition you choose.  Keyboarding for the Christian School for grades 6 and up is $15.95.  I personally do not like that they recommend the e-book so you can print it page by page.  While they call that "portable and economical", I don't look at it that way.  As a homeschool teacher I print a lot of stuff and am very aware of how much printer ink costs, so I am usually stingy when it comes to printing.  I only buy ebooks that I don't plan on printing very much.  If were to buy a typing program that required them to look off screen, I would prefer to buy the already printed version.  Of course that's just me.  However, the do have information on their page of how to purchase the book in paperback form, which would be my preferred method. If you want to try Keyboarding for the Christian School now is the perfect time.  They are currently offering a discount.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received The Keyboarding for the Christian School Large Print Elementary School E-Book for giving my honest opinion and assessment of the product in my review.
Note: All pricing is current at the time of posting and is subject to change

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Leanne Beitel said...


Thank you for the kind review!

Yes, this curriculum has been beneficial for older special needs students with modifications. I am glad to hear that Gessa was able to have success with looking at the screen.

The ebooks can be printed in gray scale one lesson at a time or the whole thing. In order to serve the needs of more families; it has been printed in small batches and offered exclusively through my website. The books are full color, on cardstock, and spiral-bound. The price of $45 covers all of this and the shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

If you have other questions or concerns; I am available to help at


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