Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Insect Safari

Our little town is the home of the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum.  Martin and Osa Johnson were former residents who as early as 1913 began to adventure around the world and ended up recording some of our first glimpses of African culture and safari life.
"Their photographs represent one of the great contributions to the pictorial history of the world...Their films serve to document a wilderness that has long since vanished, tribal cultures and customs that ceased to exist."

The Safari Museum has a young adventurers club to encourage local students to come in and learn about the Johnsons, the safari's they have been on and life in tribal Africa both then and now.  Each month they will highlight a different display and give kids clues to help them find it.  Each child that finds it gets a prize.  Last month, to start off the summer, they held an insect safari for the kids at the local park.  This was an adventure Gess was certainly ready for.  She started by sporting her gear. 

Then we headed off to the park where the curator began to explain how the hunt would go, what we were looking for and what to catch and what not to touch (like wasps, bees and snakes).

Then we began our hunt.  We made a picnic table our base and the children immediately found things to begin studying.  Ants mostly, but there you go.

We then went off found many other wonders. 

Below is the final list of all the insects we found!

They did a great job making this a fun adventure for the kids, explaining what some of the insects were, helping them catch (and release) them safely while making it all fun.  They are going to hold another safari at the end of the summer too, this one will have us exploring snakes!  How cool!

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Over Yonder said...

My bug loving girl would love to hang out with your miss! She even has the same hat hahah! Earlier tonight she walked by and saw the photo of your daughter on pinterest and said "what's she doing? hey I have that hat!!" I love homeschooling as it really allows a child to explore.


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