Monday, May 14, 2012

My brother Tim

Yes, this blog has been dedicated to homeschooling my daughter who has Down syndrome.  She does have two brothers though who are older, one is 25 and one is 27.  No, I did not homeschool her brothers.  I thought about it often through the years but we never did it. 

Anyway, I thought I would introduce you to Gess' brothers starting with Tim.  After high school graduation he tried his hands at a few things before finally deciding to go to college. Tim had actually moved out of the house when he was 18 but this last year of college he came back home so he could spend more time on school and less time working (though he still continued to work part time).  We were so glad to have him back home and having a college student in the house made Gess interested in going to college too.  In fact one morning as Tim was getting ready to head out the door with his healthy breakfast of a cookie and diet soda, I noticed Gess had grabbed her backpack and a cookie too.  I had to get a picture of my two "college" students!

At first Tim had a hard time settling on a major until he began to got involved in theatre and music at the school.  Now, we all knew Tim had talent.  He sang in the high school choir and ensemble, and he taught himself to play the guitar and performs his own music.  In fact he has gone on tour the last couple of summers.  However after a couple of years in the theatre at our community college Tim really seems to have found his passion.

During his time at the juco Tim starred in The Pillow Man,  School House Rock Live, Annie (he was Oliver Warbucks), Completely Hollywood and The Last Five Years.  He worked behind the scenes of some other shows, did a couple of reader's theatres and co-directed The Bacchae.  His girlfriend Chelsie was also part of the theatre program when they both attended at the same time.  While Tim worked behind the scenes of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, the play that Gess was in, Chelsie was in the show.  Here they are after the show one night.

 Tim and Chelsie were both in School House Rock Live and made the paper.  Here is that article and then Gess with both of them after the show.

(Tim is on the bottom right, Chelsie is in the back on the left.)


Tim also made it in the paper for Annie.  He was such an awesome Daddy Warbucks even though he kept his hair!  He managed to pull this off even though he broke a bone in his elbow right before production began!

When Tim wasn't busy with school, work or play rehearsal he would still go hang out at the theatre.  During this time he also was in the choir and had the honor of singing several solo parts. Because of his passion and dedication to the arts, Timothy received the honors of both the Outstanding Male Music Student and the Outstanding Theatre Student awards.  He also competed in an out of state competition where received a trophy for Outstanding Vocalist.  We are so very proud of him!

Last Friday on May 11, 2012 Tim graduated from our local community college and received his Associate of Arts degree.  Now he will be transferring on to a four year college to get his degree in theatre. Gess really enjoyed going to his graduation and is proud of her brother Tim!

In fact, we all are proud of him! 

Way to go Tim!  We wish you well these next two years.  You will do amazing things, we just know it!

Now, about how to get Gess that college experience.  That will take some work, however she will get to be in one last play under her brother's direction this summer.  No worries, you know I will blog about it when it's done!  

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