Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Back in August of 2010 I blogged about a therapy activity we did to help Gess answer Why Questions. One of those activities was a workbook called "What's Wrong with This Picture?"

We had fun with the book discussing what was wrong with various scenes and Gess was pretty good at pointing them out. Because of that it was something I put away and we haven't really done for awhile. That is why I just had to post about what Gess has been up to this past week.

The other morning we were in the kitchen getting ready to make Gess' breakfast and she points to the tub of butter that had a butter knife sticking out of it and asks, "what's wrong with this picture?" I was like, well, I guess it has a knife in it. Then she starts looking around and finding other things she deemed "wrong" and kept asking me "what's wrong with this picture?" I thought, how cute!

Well, it seems to have become something she loves to play. In fact, yesterday I took a couple of pictures while she was doing because it was just too cute. You know, this is a great hands on way to play the game and teach a child to say why something is wrong or out of place. Seeing a chair on an actual bed stands out a lot more than seeing a picture of a chair on a bed. Here are the pictures I took the other day. Forgive that my bed is not yet made, she seems to like to play this first thing in the morning for some reason.

She actually put the chair on the bed so she could ask me the question, "What's wrong with this picture?"

As she's getting dressed she comes out and asks me again. Ok, that's just silly!

Then she had to have intentionally picked out the socks, they are always mated in her drawer and even when not, she matches them well.

Even after this one she came to me with her shoes on the wrong feet and asked me again. Once she gets started it's hard to get her to stop. I absolutely love that she not only learned how to identify what's wrong in a picture but that she has the creativity to intentionally "mess things up." I tell you what, she's one smart cookie and one amazing kid! (Though she would be sure to inform you that she is NOT a cookie, that would be silly.)

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