Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Gess was really excited about the coming new year. Every night before she goes to bed she always asks, "What are we doing in the morning?" By that she means, what are we doing for the whole day tomorrow, not just in the morning. Well, the week before new year that question changed to "What year is it?" She knew the year was about to change and she was eager for it to do so. I would tell her it was still 2011 and then tell her how many more days until it was New Years Eve and News Years Day. She was so excited when I finally told her it was New Year's Eve!

Gess has stayed up until midnight for the past couple years, this year we made it, but barely. We had some friends over and sang some karaoke until about 11 and then they all left. Her friend Kayleigh is much younger and was getting tired. Gess started to go asleep but decided to join us in some singing and at midnight I had my alarm go off. She got her hand clapper to make some loud noise, ran out onto the porch to shout Happy New Year and listened to the firecrackers going off. It was really windy and cold so we immediately came back in and Gess was in bed within 5 minutes and asleep not soon after that.

I mentioned last year how we were going to start a DIY New Year Photo Book that we found at the No Time For Flash Cards website. We made it last year after I went through and found photos for each year.

Here is the book cover and a couple of pages. Gess glued them on and placed the stickers on the pages. We left enough pages so she can do this until she turns 18. What a fun little walk down memory lane that will be!

Now that it is a new year I figured it was good time to put in the photo for 2011. today I let Gess pic out a photo she loved from last year and place it in. Of course she picked one from Special Olympics. Here she is working on it.

It's a fun and easy project and really helps the child get a feel for having grown up and understand the passing of time. It's also fun to look at the pictures and talk about the stories that went with them.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Day and hope that 2012 brings you lots of blessings and joy!

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