Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Each year I am usually lucky enough to find this really cool craft book titled 175 Easy-To-Do Thanksgiving Crafts at the public library. I think someone else finally stumbled upon that gem so my easy thanksgiving crafts had to come from somewhere else. In googling easy crafts, I entered another site that I have used before; Kaboose. I love their craft section because they have a holiday section titled easy, and this craft certainly was. (I search for easy because I am not very crafty, it has nothing to do with Gess!) We went with the Spoon Pilgrims craft, though we made some Wampanoags too.

First you print the patterns and trace them on paper and then cut them out. They were simple and easy for Gess to cut by herself.

Then you glue the outfits on the spoons.

Then you glue on some eyes (we used marker to make hair too).

And there you have your spoon figures.

Now we can have a puppet show of the first Thanksgiving!

For other easy craft ideas you might visit my past blogs Thanksgiving 2008 where we made a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Or visit my Thanksgiving 2009 blog where we made a Pumpkin Pie Game and a Thanksgiving Wreath.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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