Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornadoes - Being prepared

The weather sure has been brutal lately. We do not live all that far from Joplin and we are so torn up about the tragedy that struck there. We have been volunteering at our local collection center to get supplies to those in need, but I sure wish I could do more. Then yesterday we were in KC for Gess' annual ENT checkup. Right after we got in to see the doctor the tornado sirens went off and we were shuffled (along with everyone else there) into the stairwell. We spent over an hour waiting it out and thankfully we were spared, though Sedalia got hit shortly thereafter and several people were injured.

With all this in mind I think it is a good time to remind you of some resources I had found to help teach Gess what to do during a tornado. You will also find these on my blog, Tornadoes and Hailstorms that I wrote a couple of years ago. It certainly has helped Gess. In fact, when we had to leave the doctor's office because of the tornado she quoted the first video and asked me, "take cover now?" She did a great job, not only taking cover, but staying calm which is something else the video says to do. She even took some deep breaths just like they showed!

Here are the resources I found. The first video is our favorite and Gess watches it a lot. Feel free to share some resources you have found too. You can never be too prepared! And please, continue to remember those affected by these storms in your prayers.

A printable coloring book called Bill and Maria Learn About Tornado Safety provided by the NOAA National Severe Storm Laboratory.

A couple of videos geared towards teaching kids about tornadoes and safety.

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Julie said...

Thanks for the links, Lori. Very helpful way to keep the kiddos aware and not scared. Thankfully we don't get big tornadoes in our area, and with hurricanes we have more time to prepare. Glad to hear you guys are safe, hope this bad weather streak ends soon.


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