Friday, February 11, 2011


We have been unable to do school for 2 weeks. My little one got sick about the time the blizzard came through. We got her medicated before it hit and during the storm she reacted to the antibiotic by not being able to walk! One of the allergic side effects was muscle and joint pain and she had it so severely she didn't want to use her legs at all. When she did use them, you could tell it was very difficult for her.
We called the ER and took her off the medication but it was another day after that before we could get her to the doctor to get new medicine because the clinic was closed due to the storm. The new medicine seemed to be improving things, but then she started feeling poorly again. So a week after it all began we headed to the ER.
Gess had pneumonia at this point and spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital. She handled the stay really well and finally overcame her fears of blood pressure cuffs and xray machines! She handled the breathing treatments well too!

I think we are finally out of the woods, but I am not certain. We have a follow up appointment today. I was already behind posting on the blog so I wanted to send a word out letting you know I am still around. I am really hoping she is healthy and back to it on Monday. Hopefully when we get through this I can complete some blogs about things we have been doing.
For now I am hoping and praying that Gess gets well and soon and that this snow melts and goes away for a very long time!


Julie said...

My goodness, I am so sorry Gess had such an ordeal! I truly hope she is all healed very soon and you all do indeed get improved weather as well.

suelmayer said...

Feel better Gess!!!


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