Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day At Work

Gess is still on a "stay home" directive from the doctor. Not because she is still sick, but because there is so much sickness out there right now. We are seeing numerous amounts of confirmed influenza cases in our area, so we feel it is just better to keep Gess from getting exposed. So it's not about staying inside, it's about staying away from people. Well this weekend, we had the opportunity to visit daddy's office because no one was there.

My husband, who is a computer programmer and an IT guy, had to go into work this weekend to move some servers around and fix up his new office. He let them know he would be bringing help to carry stuff around, so he got permission for us to go with him. Since no one was in the office to expose Gess to germs we tagged along and helped daddy at work.

It was not the first time Gess got to go see daddy's place of employment, but this is the first time she got to do more than actually see it for a few minutes and then leave. She learned a little bit about what daddy does and he taught her some about how all the computers in the office are able to work together. She saw him run the lines and hook up the machines.

Most importantly she got to "work" too. It's always so neat as a kid to feel like you are doing a grown up's job! Gess helped hold the door while we carried things, carried a few smaller items herself and dusted equipment as we brought it in. She was truly a big helper!

Dusting while daddy moves equipment.

Going to see what daddy is doing in his new office.

Watching daddy do his thing.

Sitting with daddy at his desk.

Break time!

Now when we tell her daddy is at work, she knows more about where he is and what he is actually doing!

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Julie said...

What a wonderful opportunity. My dad worked from home and I absolutely loved "working" with him when I was young.


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