Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ready for summer!

Summer time is finally here and we have not done any school all week! (We will, however, have one day of school each week over the summer so we can complete the amount of required days for our state...we are currently 8 days short).

Other than the one day a week of review for 8 weeks we do not plan on doing any real "school" stuff, but we will be really busy. We have lots of activities planned, but they are things she wants to do, not has to do. We are not looking for structure, just good old fashioned fun, like heading to the lake to see some friends and staying in a hotel while visiting her aunt.

She also will be in the library's summer reading program. She has done that every year since about age 2 and she just loves it. Whenever she is done with her book she can't wait to "put it on the list." Last year she read all the books by herself and will be doing the same this year, though we are getting harder books this time. She did a great job on her first book last night! They also have other fun stuff like tea parties and special story times that we will take part in.

We also signed up for gymnastics and she is really excited about that. We plan on enrolling in swimming lessons too, if I can ever get a hold of the person in charge! She will go to our church day camp which will only last one day and of course there is one week of Vacation Bible School, which she also loves.

Then we just plan on going the park, seeing friends, experiencing the joys of summer. Normal summer stuff. I think the break will do her good. Math is the only subject I worry about her retaining over the break so we will focus on it pretty good during our weekly school days. With all the reading she will do for the library, that will only flourish.

I will still be blogging about school stuff over the summer as I have had some things I have wanted to blog about but have not had the time. I will also throw in some fun summer activity stuff too. Just whatever is on our mind and whatever we discover! I hope you all enjoy your summer, we certainly plan on enjoying ours!

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Toni said...

sounds like a fun summer . we do once a week school too over the summer math and spelling just to keep moving forward.


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