Friday, May 1, 2009

Computer Time: Crawford The Cat

While surfing through some of the blogs I follow I found a great post one day by the Junior Crew 2009. The article was about Online Books and Videos for Kids. In that blog was a link to Junior Crew Book Shelf which had tons of great website resources for kids. One that we have recently gotten the most use out of was Crawford the Cat.

Crawford the Cat is a great site that promotes some basic hygiene, health and social skills. They offer 5 minute videos on various topics like washing your hands, brushing your teeth, table manners, and exercise. There are 13 different videos in all as well as some games, books and coloring pages to print so you can reinforce the theme of each video. This is an excellent resource to teach young kids some very basic, yet essential skills.

Last month we spent lots of time watching the Crawford Brushes His Teeth video since my daughter had her 6 month check up at the dentist.

We watched this video as we prepared for the visit so that we could reinforce what she already knew and get excited about seeing the dentist again. In homeschooling we often treat these types of checkups as field trips and surround the appointment with information about the importance of health. It's all a part of the educational process!

Her checkup went pretty good but she was not very enthused about them cleaning her teeth with the instrument that "buzzed and whirred" so we were not able to complete that part of the treatment. Still, she had a fairly good checkup and everything looks as it should. I am hoping that the next appointment will go better. To try and see if I could help her overcome some of the fear I went and purchased a Crest SpinBrush for Kids that Gess seems to really love. I am hoping that maybe having a noisy and fun toothbrush might help make the dentist tool a little less scary next time. Even if it does not help for that it will help her scrub her teeth a little better on her own therefore giving her teeth a little more shine while giving her a little more independence.

Anyway, now that Gess has watched Crawford's video she loves referring to him as she brushes her teeth. She had lost her timer a long time ago but now that Crawford has one we made sure we got another one from the dentist. These videos are simply a great way to not only learn how to do these things but it makes actually doing them a lot more fun. If you want to reinforce some great health, hygiene and social skills like picking up your toys or covering your nose when you sneeze, visit Crawford the Cat.

Be sure to also check out the Junior Crew Bookshelf for other great sites for kids and remember to see other sites that Gess loves, visit her favorites page at Sqworl.

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Sue said...

Thanks for the visit and advertising :) The kids love it when people leave a message.
I am feeling much better now. thanks for your concern.


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