Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just an update

So where have we been the last three weeks and what have we been doing? Well, we have moved into a larger house and I finally have more room for all of our school, therapy and art supplies (not to mention basic household items)! It has taken all of my extra time to pack, unpack and get this house shaped into a home but it is amost there! I love it already and can't wait to host my first homeschool group meeting here! Now I know many of you have entire rooms for your school and this would seem like little to be excited about, but just imagine how small the room we left was! We used to have to pull everything out and put it back each and every day. Of course I am not done. There are still flags to mount and calendars to post on the wall, etc, but its a start!

I also had issues with my computer. First it just quit working, so we took apart our media center computer and installed my drives and video card in it. My video card was not pleased and demonstrated by torching itself. (I am serious, it literally caught on fire. There WERE flames involved!) So, we put the media center card back in and tried that. However, my software demanded too much from that tiny case and it kept overheating and shutting down. Finally my husband intalled all of that back into my old case and I am up and running again. I have had access on other machines, but it just isn't the same as working on my own machine. Now we just need to finish building my husband's new machine so we can have a media center again. One thing at a time!

Gess has also had her 7th birthday! We had a small celebration with just her grandparents and a close friend attending (her brothers were working). She still had a lot of fun. The biggest surprise was the swing-set. We needed a larger yard for her to have one and now we finally do. She loves it already. I do realize it is getting cold, but we are not opposed to zipping up some coats and getting out doors regardless!

We have been managing to get in school through all of this. I really love her classroom area and having all of her school stuff handy right there. It makes life so much easier. She has adjusted to the move well, but she did have some things to get used to. She will still ask to "go to another house now" (meaning "the other" house of course) but is asking less than at first. Our first night here she stood by the door and said "we go home now". It was so sad and cute at the same time. I think she does like her room and the house though and I know she loves the yard a whole lot more. I am very happy and thankful for it all. It has been a blessing but has kept me busy. I hope next week to start sharing some more resources with you all again.

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