Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Times Tales Part 1

I am super excited to tell you about our latest discovery! This program is helping my daughter, who has Down syndrome, memorize her multiplication facts. This is really incredible when you consider that she has yet to master her addition and subtraction facts! It's all thanks to this handy resource we found called Times Tales.

Times Tales introduces the times tables as stories. Each number is a "character" and in the stories those numbers interact. When they do you unlock the answer to what happens when you multiply those two characters together. The trick is that they don't mention that at all until the child has memorized the stories exactly as written!

Gess is an excellent reader and great at memorizing when it comes to bible verses, rhymes, and songs so this was right up her alley. Stories make sense to her - numbers no so much. Now that these numbers have a story she has her facts all figured out!

Along with the video you get downloadable resources to help the child along. There are a couple of worksheets as well as flash cards and dice with the problems presented as the characters in the story. The dice have both numbers as well as characters and are a fun way to practice the facts randomly.

We have just completed part 1. I am waiting awhile longer before moving on. With her special needs I am taking it slow. We have been at it over a month and as of today she only struggled with two facts but ultimately got them all right. She can even get the division problems, but they take more time. In a few more weeks she should be ready to move on! Do note that typical kids can learn this in a matter of hours, but we are OK with moving slow. Just having her NOT panic at a math problem is so amazing to me!

I will update and let you know how part 2 goes. For now, I am happy with what we have! Way to go Gess! And thank you Times Tales! Now if only they had this for addition and subtraction...hint, hint!

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