Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm down for a bit due to surgery

I have struggled to keep up with my blog but I haven't been quite frank about why. I have had some medical issues that require surgery. That's all I am comfortable saying publicly. Today, as you read this I will be under the knife - the first time ever for me which makes me nervous. My pastor has a joke he likes to share about the difference between major and minor surgery. He says its minor surgery when its for you and its major surgery when its for me!  Well, I have watched my daughter go through some pretty major stuff, so I know mine isn't on that level but still, it isn't something to take lightly either.

I hope to be up and around enough to write in a week or so. I was hoping to have some blogs scheduled so my down time wouldn't seem to stark but that just didn't happen. I haven't had the energy and what energy I did have was spent preparing my household and family members that I take care of to be ready in my absence. My house is clean and ready. Ladies from church are providing some meals and my daughter will be looked after by her brother. All is ready and now its time for me.

I must rest and get better. Hopefully I will feel like writing since I won't be able to do much else for awhile. No driving for sure!  Please keep me in your prayers and I will try to check in when I can. Thanks for faithfully following. You are a blessing to my me!

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