Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Valentine Party That Never Was

Gess was going to attend her first Valentine exchange party this year since it is our first year in a Co-op. However, it was not to be. Gess had a cold and had to stay home and now she has shared it with me.

Gess had actually made all of her Valentine's but didn't get a box. I bought one to wing it since it was a crazy week but while she was getting better I think all the drainage bothered her tummy and she was too ill to go. However, we are still very blessed that Gess has only had two colds all winter and neither of them turned into anything worse. She hasn't had to take antibiotics all winter, so that is certainly worth missing one party!

A friend texted me a couple of weeks ago to show me that Gess' health was on her prayer list exactly 4 years ago. That was when she was hospitalized with pnemonia. I will never forget that year and do my best to keep Gess healthy, but a human can only do so much. That was a great reminder to me that God hears and answers prayers! Four years and no more hospital stays! Praise God!

Regardless to say, with all the sickness we didn't get much for school done last week, so we will be hitting the books hard come Monday. In fact, we are supposed to get 3 to 6 inches of snow tonight which will certainly motivate us to stay in doors and stay busy.

Remember, at Special Connection Homeschool we don't take snow days. Instead we wait for randomly warm days to skip school and have fun. Of course this week was a reminder that we sometimes have sick days too.

I pray you are weathering this storm, especially those who have already been hit really hard already. Here in Kansas, snow has been rare this year, but I am not complaining. I really dislike the cold!

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