Friday, October 31, 2014

Taking Time for Me

Some of you may remember my review of Captivated, a DVD from MediaTalk101 which brings to life the reality of how our society has been saturated by media. It surrounds us on a daily basis and while it appears to be helping people stay connected, it actually does the opposite. In one of Beth Moore's studies she talks about how having instant access to information makes us more anxious not less. While it is great to get news quickly when we don't get that news we are not happy. We used to have to wait days, weeks, or even months to hear from someone, and we dealt with that. Now if we don't get a response to a text in a few hours we are in panic mode! There really can be too much of a good thing and media is one of them.

So, now that my review year is almost over I feel it is a great time for me to take a break. Therefore I am taking the month of November off. No don't rush off because I have actually scheduled some posts to finish out the month so there will be activity here. There will also be a couple of reviews coming that you won't want to miss as well some posts on Thankfulness. These are pre-scheduled though, so it may be much longer before I respond to any comments or can be reached on Facebook. This isn't a permanent thing. I am just taking time to step back and work through some priorities and keep media where it needs to be in my life, as a helpful tool, not a distraction.

To learn more about what I am talking about see my review of the Captivated DVD. You should purchase this and not only put it to use in your own life, but share it with friends. It might change your life. It certainly did mine! It is actually inexpensive to watch it online.

I want to thank you each of my readers, old and new. As we spend this month thinking about what we are thankful for, know that you are high on my list!  God bless!

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