Saturday, December 29, 2012

Restructuring Our School Year

After my first year on the Schoolhouse Review Crew (which was then called the TOS Crew) they changed the year they run from June-May to January-December.  This allows to us to have our down transitional time at the holidays and allows vendors to have their products reviewed in the summer right before the school year starts.  Well that got me thinking.  I actually have a lot of down time during the holidays season myself and we always do at least some school in the summer (particularly with math) to keep Gess practiced.  She also really gets bored if there isn't more structure to her day during the summer.  So I made a decision to restructure my school year too.  I may not always have the privilege of being on the crew but this just makes sense for us.

I ordered my new planner and so on January 7 we will begin our brand new school year!  As I typed that I just now realized I don't know what I will do about changing her grade.  After some thought I think I will still change that in the summer. That will make it easier for her when she participates in group activities that go by what grade you are in, etc. 

So while our summers will be lighter, maybe only a couple to three days a week (depending on how intense some of the review material we get is), we will be doing  school.  However, as the holiday season gets here we will be taking some serious time off.  At least when that happens I will know for certain that we have already had the amount of school days required by law.  As it stands now I always freak out if we miss some time during this busy season but in the end we do just fine. 

I'm pretty excited about the idea.  My project next week is to re-organize the school room and get ready for our first day of school...again! 

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