Monday, September 17, 2012

Time With Dad

Because I am the one who does all the teaching I am careful to make sure that dad is a part of our schooling process and knows what we are studying and doing.  There are certain areas, like science, where dad actually does some of the work with Gess but we also try to make sure that we make time to just have some fun together. 

During the Olympics Gess watched some tennis and fell in love with it, so we got some rackets and started playing that for exercise as well as family fun. We were really enjoying that until a few weeks back when my husband fell while attempting to jump over the puddle and get the ball, so tennis has had to be put aside.

Well this weekend I went off to a ladies retreat so daddy and Gess got to spend some real quality time together.  Since tennis was out (because of his leg) he found a good alternative.  Ping-Pong (aka table tennis)!

They also played some Yahtzee.

Then there was the science experiment they did together which was both fun and educational.  Gess just loves science!  They made it rain! (I'll share more about that later.)

It looks like they had quite a bit of fun while I was gone.  I am so blessed to have a husband who goes out of his way to make sure he spends time with his family.  There was one time he was busy doing something on his computer but he dropped everything when Gess came up and asked him to dance!  (The song "This Moment - Dance with Cinderella" was playing.)

She has a great daddy, doesn't she?!  Because he always makes time for us I try to make sure that we also make time for him.  How do you make time for dad?  You can see how other members of the Schoolhouse Blog Cruise are making time for dad by clicking on the banner below.


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