Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Classroom

Well, we are starting school today.  We are both really excited and anxious to get back to some regularly scheduled learning.  I am even more excited because this is the first year I actually have an entire school room!  Usually I have a corner or section of a room but since my son moved off to college this year we rearranged some things to permanently open up the small room into a classroom/office.

Here is the office side.  I will use this for teaching of course but my husband and I will both use it for other things as well.  It's nice to finally have some quiet place to go to study and write.

And here is the view from the other direction that also shows my white board.  That is my other great addition to this school year.  I had a very small white board that I used to use, but this year I get the real thing!  (It's used but it's in good shape.)

I want to thank my son Timothy for inspiring me to have the office for writing/studying and the crates for bookshelves (in the next photo).  I miss him and will think of him each day I sit at his old desk!  And here is the other side which has the "school" stuff.  As for Gess' school desk, we have had this for years but it was really wearing down, so we painted

Yesterday before church we took some pictures of Gess in the room.  I think this is the one I will use for her "school picture."

Well, I am off to get Gess up, eat breakfast and start our first day!  Here's to a happy and successful school year for all of our kids! 

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