Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TOS Review: Amazing Science says their goal is to bring the "very best Science and Math videos to tickle your curiousity and entice you to want to learn more about the world around you" and this month I was given a sample of what they have to offer. We recently received the Amazing Science Volume 1 DVD set for review which is a 2 DVD set that demonstrates how to do 23 different science experiments.

This certainly is right up Gesserine's alley. There are few things she likes to watch more than science videos, especially ones where they do neat experiments. Well, being able to do the experiments right along with them makes this just about perfect!

When the DVD arrived we were currently studying a unit on the weather and had just finished a lesson on clouds so the experiment titled Cloud in a Bottle (which seems to have been skipped on the list online but is included on the DVD) caught both of our eyes. We watched the demonstration which was very thorough. He not only explains "how" to do the experiment but he spends a great deal of time explaining what you are learning along the way.

We watched this video as part of our school day and having seen how fun and actually simple it looked we couldn't wait to do this experiment. Usually, I leave the experiments to daddy and he generally does them on the weekend, but we were eager to try this particular experiment so we had daddy help us one night right before bed time (which is why Gess is in her PJ's).

Every segment starts off with a list of ingredients you will need (and there is usually a reminder to get parental permission first). After pausing the video to gather the items we were ready to begin. First we had to put some rubbing alcohol in an empty 2 liter bottle. Again, the video explains why you are doing this and what element this plays in the making of the cloud.

Once you have let this coat the bottle you seal it. Gess is watching daddy intently seal the bottle super tight.

Once you have your bottle prepared correctly you then need pump air into it. Gess tried to help daddy with this part but daddy had to actually do it for it to work properly.

Next you quickly release the air and then you are done! You have made a cloud!

I will have to say that the cloud didn't look very impressive to us with the naked eye, but it really showed up well on the camera. He did mention in the video that it was important to have a colored cloth under neath so you could see it, which we did not do. Still, this was fun and we did see a little fog in our bottle and with the picture we could tell that we REALLY did make a cloud!

There was another experiment on Exploring Air Pressure that was also fun and went well with our current studies in Science. Gess just enjoys watching the video even when she can't do the experiments and I particularly like that this video does an extensive job explaining the science behind each one. Gess is really looking forward to the experiment Build a Lemon Battery because she has a video game where they made a battery out of a potato.

We found Amazing Science Volume 1 DVD set very informative and fun and think you may too. In fact Gess will often watch it on her own. She seems to enjoy it very much and it is certainly keeping her interested in science. Here is a trailer to give you a glimpse of what is on the DVD set.

You can purchase the Amazing Science Volume 1 DVD set at the website for $19.95 which is a pretty good value since you actually get 2 DVDs with 23 different experiments and instructions. If you would like to learn more visit their website or you can see what other members of the TOS Crew thought about it.

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew I received the Amazing Science Volume 1 DVD set for giving my honest opinion and assessment of this product in my review.
Note: All pricing is current at the time of posting and is subject to change

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