Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DOGO News - News for Kids

Gess got her own computer for Christmas and we made her a start page similar to ours. It has a calendar, links of her favorite websites, her email (which we are just now teaching her to use) and the weather. I was thinking about how my start page also has news feed and I thought that would be cool for her as well but I didn't think she would find it as interesting as I did. So, I decided to search for a news site specifically for kids and came across DOGO News.

I love how the rss feed has images for each article. It makes it visually appealing to Gess and I have actually found her exploring the news feed because of it. This is an example of what she sees.

Every article has pictures with it and it appears that most of them have videos too, which really makes it fun. I think this is a great way to start introducing kids to the importance of news and world events. Instead of long boring articles they are short, but informative, visually appealing and usually teach the kids something new. Take the article about the Super Bowl for instance. There the kids learned that it's not only about football, it's also about food!

We have only been using this for a few weeks and as I mentioned when Gess opens up her browser it has started to catch her eye. I believe that knowing what is going on in the world is important and I think this is a fun way to get kids interested. In fact you might find that you can learn things too. I mean I certainly did not know that Elephants wore contact lenses, did you?

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