Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sickness, Birthdays, and Glasses

Gess turned 10 yesterday and I had hoped to have some pictures of her opening presents, eating pizza and roller skating but instead mommy and daddy were sick, so she opened presents without much fanfare at all. The sickness really began with her older brother having the bug last week and on Saturday Gess caught it. She got so dehydrated that we had to take her to the ER to get fluids.

I am at least able to get up on my computer today, although I haven't eaten much and Gess' appetite still isn't what it used to be. I hope that continues to improve.

On another note Gess did get new glasses a few days before all this sickness started. Here she is wearing her big girl glasses!

We figured by 10 years old she was ready to outgrow the plastic ones, though they were a great solution at the time. She is really doing a great job taking care of them too. She likes to recall that "when the glasses are not on your face, they go in the case."

I hope things will improve in a couple of days, for now this will be the 3rd day of school we missed in a row!


Beverly said...

so sorry Gess is sick and for her Birthday too :( Hope she is feeling better soon. love her new glasses.

suelmayer said...

Get better Mom and Gess, love the new glasses...she looks so grown up!


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