Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The R-Word

03.02.11 is the national day to bring awareness for ending the R-word. The campaign is called Spread the Word to End the Word. When we use the R-word in ways it was not intended we end up hurting innocent people. If you ever feel the need to say the word retard, or retarded, as a slam against someone or something, stop and think; you are hurting people just like my Gess. You are hurting people who work harder, and longer to accomplish things we take for granted. You are hurting people who strive and never give up. You hurting who people who offer you a hand of friendship. I know that hurting these people was probably never your intent. It probably never crossed your mind that it hurts people who don't deserve it. Well, it does. And now that you thought about it, why not stop using the word in that way? Instead let's give people with intellectual disabilities the RESPECT they deserve. That's an R word I think everyone should learn.

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