Monday, August 2, 2010

Upcoming Surgery Delays Start of School Year

Gess had her checkup with the ENT and the Ophthalmologist last week. Gess had a really rough winter and allergy season this spring and the doctor believes she needs to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. Her adenoids are large and they do believe that does affect her sinus issues. They say that her tonsils coming out will actually help with her restlessness at night as well as other breathing issues. Gess also has a small hole in her ear they are going to try to patch while they have her asleep. She will have to stay one night in the hospital and come home the next day. She will have to take it easy for one week after-wards (no school that first week) and no sports activities for at least two weeks (so no gymnasitcs for awhile).
My original plan was to start school the third week of August, however, that is the week she will have the surgery so we will just put off school for another week or two. I don't want to start for only one or two weeks then stop for one or two weeks then start back up again so we will just wait to start until she is all better. I probably won't start until after labor day if that is the case, but we will see. I love the flexibility of homeschooling when it comes to things like this!
Gess will also be getting new glasses and have to patch her eye again for her strabismus, but the doctor also suggested to just wait until after the surgery to start that whole process again. We either have to do surgery for that one day or just keep patching periodically. We have our main doctor saying the surgery may help her be able to use her eyes as a team but the surgeon said the surgery would not help her vision at all. That's one we have to think about more!
Even though school isn't starting yet, I will begin posting more regularly here (which is usually about once a week). I will try to start catching up on reading blogs too. We just had such a busy summer I hardly had time online! I am excited to start the new year and try out some new things and I am curious to see what you all are up to too!

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Julana said...

Our son slept a lot better once his tonsils and adenoids were removed.


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