Saturday, March 13, 2010

We All Pass Gas

Gesserine has recently discovered certain bodily functions. It is always so funny to hear a child discover these things. Well, for this particular one Gess would be sitting there and suddenly say "It stinks in my private parts!" This really cracked us up, but it also needed to be addressed before she decided to announce this information in public!
I have been trying to explain to her that passing gas is something we all do, and that it is perfectly normal, however it's not something we have to tell everyone about. I have recently become a fan of the Doctor Oz show and she loves watching it with me. I thought of writing to him to see if he could address this topic when it occurred to me, he may have already done so. Sure enough, he had a segment titled "Why We All Pass Gas."

Gesserine and I watched this and when we were done she went into the kitchen and got some foods from his video, handed them to me and said "gas." Yep, certain foods can cause gas! She learned that much from it. She loves watching the video, but she calls it "We ALWAYS pass gas." Gee, now I think that would be a problem!
I would love to hear how others have handled this issue and learn about tools you use. I think there actually are books about it somewhere. It is just so hard not to laugh when she hears the sound and says "Oh no, it stinks again!" You gotta love kids!
If anyone has any other great ideas on how to teach this topic to children, please share, as Gess is still very interested , and very vocal, about this topic.

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