Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Project: Daily Bible Reading

I have been utilizing to read the bible in a year. I am actually following two separate plans, one to read the Old Testament and the other to read the New Testament. The daily readings are emailed to me and I read it right here on my computer first thing each morning. They offer a large variety of reading plans as well as bible versions.

Lately Gess has been getting up while I have been reading and sometimes reads it with me. So as we enter the new year I thought I would have Gess read with me intentionally from now on. Beginning tomorrow I will have Gess join me with the New Testament readings. With this plan you simply read 1 chapter a day Monday - Friday and have no readings on the weekends. This will lead perfectly into our schooling each day.

I have been searching for a large print bible for Gess as she still seems to read better with larger print. I have not found one that is suitable for our needs yet. Because of that I have found reading the bible online a great way for Gess to easily follow along. Especially since we added the Readability feature to our browser.

I learned about Readability from a blog I follow called Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner. His blog Readability - Without distracting Web Page Clutter shows how to install it and how it works.

So using Readability takes this page:

and changes it to a more reader friendly and larger print page that looks like this:

There are ways to increase font size without using Readability such as hitting Ctrl + several times but this is nice because it only takes one click of the button to get it readable and it focuses the page only on the text you are looking for. To get back to the original page you simply click the button on the top left hand corner. So it just takes one click to a large print simple format and then one click back when you are done.

This will be a great exercise for Gess in many ways. She will practice reading, learn how to make pages more reader friendly and of course learn the Scriptures. Gess and I usually alternate turns by each reading a paragraph or verse, which ever seems to work best for each passage. This way we are both participating and interacting during the reading. It's about sharing and learning what we are doing, not simply reading it. Hopefully we will stick with this and at the end of the year Gess will have read along with entire New Testament! There is nothing like starting good habits while they are young! I hope this is one she learns well.

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Julana said...

Good idea.
I have a friend whose teenage daughter loves to highlight her Bible in different colors. (She has DS and is homeschooled.) I think she uses the NIV, not sure.


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