Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tool Time with Daddy

With Gess down with Strep throat and the holiday this week I thought this would be great time to share some pictures my husband took one day when he took Gess out to the garage with him. She loves to play while daddy works but this time she wanted to do what daddy was doing, so daddy let her do just that!

Here is how I think it went down.

"Daddy, I want to hammer too." Daddy says, "Ok, here is a hammer, a piece of wood and nail, have fun!"

While she is enjoying herself, she looks up and says...

"Daddy, I need more wood."
Daddy, says "sure, come here and cut some."

"Perfect! That's just what I needed!"

That's probably not exactly how it happened, but either way you can see she had a great time! Working with dad sure is fun!


Beverly said...

tool time with Dad looks like fun! Hope Gess is feeling better soon!

Julie said...

I hope Gess is feeling better soon, strep is no fun at all (my boys especially hate the test for it!) I was such a daddy's girl growing up and he indulged me as well so I know just how much fun she had. :)


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