Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration on July 4th! Gess was really looking forward to it this year and started asking for fireworks a couple of weeks in advance. Thankfully the blog No Time for Flash Cards shared a great fireworks craft titled Light Up The Sky. When Gess asked for fireworks I told her that since we couldn't set some off yet, we could make some instead. She loved the idea and we went to work. Visit the Fireworks craft on the No Time for Flash Cards blog to see the instructions. Here is our finished product!

To learn about the holiday we watched some 4th of July videos at the History Channel. Of course there is nothing like reading the actual Declaration of Independence itself. We plan on making that a family tradition. We spent the rest of the week on vacation so that was about all the "studying" we did about the holiday. Even so, Gess certainly knew that the 4th of July was "Independence Day" (even if it was tough to pronounce) and that it was a day in which we set off fireworks! Here are some pictures of her enjoying the festivities.

She is still very sensitive to loud noises so you can see by the last photo how she handled all the noise. She does this every year, holds her ears and watches the show. At least this year she really didn't do it as much until we got to some of the really loud ones. It gets better every year. Still, I love how she does not let a little noise get in the way of her fun!


stephanie said...

She is pretty brave, even though she doesn't like the noise. Even holding a sparkler. My son runs for cover at the first sounds of any firecrackers.

Beverly said...

glad you guys had a great holiday! Noah doesnt like loud either, some years he will be fine with fire works and others we have to leave. We didnt go this year, too hot here. I love No Time For Flash Cards as well and we do alot of her crafts!

Jenny said...

My daughter is holds her ears for fireworks as well. In fact, she holds her ears all of the time. Whenever the baby cries, public toilets flush, hand dryers are used, I use the hair dryer, etc.

It looks like Gess had a great time!

Beth said...

Hannah doesn't like loud sounds either, but she is improving.

Brave Gess to hold the sparkler!

Leah Courtney said...

My son has some sensory issues and always used to be afraid of fireworks. It has gotten better as he's gotten older. He enjoys watching them now and will even light them. :-)


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