Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day

Well we have been busy getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day, in fact you can say we probably celebrated it early. Last night we made our tasty treats, this morning we made shamrocks and this evening we had our corned beef and cabbage dinner. Yes, we will still wear green on March 17th and say Happy Saint Patrick's Day but we have pretty much done all the "traditional" things.

On a personal level I have become a big fan of Patrick and admire his commitment to sharing Christ, not only with people of a different culture, but people who had once enslaved him. On my personal blog you can see my review on a book about Patrick that I thoroughly enjoyed.

To get Gess into the holiday spirit we implemented a few ideas I found in one of the blogs I follow. No time for flash cards had several cute ideas. I borrowed two of them and used them not only with Gess but with our Sunday School class. The first was the snack. Saturday evening Gess and I spent some time in the kitchen fixing Shamrock Rice Krispie Treats. They are quite yummy, however I was not lucky enough to find a shamrock shaped cookie cutter but the green still got the point across. (I would include photos but we are temporarily without a digital camera) We washed it down with some sour-melon Powerade which just happens to be green as well.

The other idea I borrowed was the craft. For Sunday School I decided to share a little about the life of Patrick and focus the lesson on Missionaries. For crafts we made Shamrocks. We used potatoes to paint the shamrocks as the blog suggests but we also added the bible verse "go and make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28:19. Patrick himself quoted this passage in his confession shortly before his death. Anyway here is her blog about how to do some St. Patrick's Potato Stamping.

To teach Gess about who Patrick was we rented the Veggie Tale DVD Sumo of the Opera. On it they have a short about St. Patrick called Lufti's Fanciful Flannelgraph. It is a funny, but fairly accurate description of his life story. You can view it below.

So this is how we have celebrated thus far. Here is wishing you all a very happy (and green) Saint Patrick's Day!


Beverly said...

Fun stuff! You have done a lot of St. Patrick's day activities and the treats sound so good!

Toni said...

sounds fun and busy, it is nice to learn about the man behind the origins of the holiday.

I am going to check out the book too


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