Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comment Troubles

I have had people say that they have trouble commenting on my blog. The first time I figured out that I had my settings to only allow comments from certain users, and after I changed that they were later able to comment. But I found out that others are still having trouble commenting and I verified that it is still checked to allow comments from anyone. If anyone knows what else might be wrong, please let me know. If you continue to have trouble contacting me try leaving me a comment on one of my other blogs or on my Myspace profile to let me know so that I can continue to try to fix the problem.

I look forward to hopefully getting this fixed so I can hear from you soon!



Beth said...

I'll give it a test drive Lori!

Thanks for visiting my blog and all the complements! It looks like you are a very organized homeschooler! I can only pretend to be on top of things...but somehow, more or less, we get a few things done!

I would never have thought about dissection at age 10, but there is a teacher who's willing to do it with a group of 8-11 year olds, and they are all loving it! I love our Resource Center--it's run sort of like a co-op, so it's very affordable, and everyone is very accepting.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your family better.

Sue said...

I had trouble with my comments when I had it set to "embedded below posts." I like the way that looks but it wasn't working on my blog. Maybe you had it set to that?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


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